Lessons I learnt from Wentworth’s world class concierge


A few weeks ago, I had the privileged of catching up with an old friend, John O’Brien. John has always had the instant ability to put people at ease, and welcome them as if they are part of the family. John’s eye for detail and planning are second to none. To the guest this goes unnoticed; this is a skill which only the elite possess.

  Here are 8 tips that you can learn from John.


1.   Know your customers- their likes – dislikes. Understand their moods. The more you know the better you can serve them.

2.   Anticipate your customers. Plan their moves in your business. The more you know about then the more you can anticipate them.

3.   Remember things about your customers. Family names, holidays, cars, and caddies they used last time, teams they support. The list goes on…

4.  Smile and be genuinely warm towards your customers. People see through false smiles.

5.  Get your team working as one? Teach them, encourage them, drill them, and be there for your team.

6.  Give your team a voice. Your team can come up with solutions and ideas, let them.

7.  Employees move on, so make a point of helping employees move on to greater things. If you do this you will never be short of people wanting to work for you.

8.  Fantastic work environments are created out of respect, professionalism and fun.


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